Rear Composite Tail Light, 11614157 / 12375837

Rear Composite Tail Light, 11614157 / 12375837
Item# 11614157

Product Description

Composite tail light, used on most modern military vehicles, rear left and right. Contains Brake/turn, marker, blackout marker, blackout brake. 24 volt bulbs installed. Dust and water proof and vibration resistant. Resists effects of weathering, sun, and corrosion. Used on M35A2 / M35A3, M809, M54, HMMWV, M923, M1078, trailers, etc.
Bulbs can easily be changed to 12 volt types for use on 12 volt light systems, use bulb number 67 (x3) and 1156 (x1).

P/N 11614157, replaces 3454000, SW27006-3. NSN 6220010934439, and
12375837, NSN 6220013723883.
Can replace the aluminum housing fixture P/N MS52125-1, 11614157-1.

2.75 lb