Cab Weather Seal Kit For M939 Series, WSK-2

Item# WSK-2
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Product Description

Cab weather seal kit, 16 pieces, completes one cab. Kit is the same as WSK-1 except does not include the two 7373325 windshield seals and 7373337 cowl seal which do not fit the M939 series.

Consists of:

1 each left window to cab seals 7372720, 7373333, 7373334, 7372722

1 each right window to cab seals 7372721, 7373332, 7373334, 7372722

2 door latch vertical side and bottom seals 7373292

2 door vertical hinge side seals 7373291

2 door window slot outside seals 7373287.

2 cowl vent door seals 7373317.

5 lb